Thomas Jancis

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(2012 Total Theatre Nominee)



"In Mesoamerican mythology, the souls of the dead were guided through the afterlife by a dog. We follow one man and one dog on their journey. An improvised collaboration between BearDog and Total Theatre Award nominated artist Thomas Jancis"




MARCH 19TH: WEB (A magician killed by his trick). [The Brunswick, Brighton]

MARCH 20TH: FORCE (A thief falls to his death). [The Brunswick, Brighton]

MARCH 22ND:  COPPER (A man killed crossing the road and wanting to return to his unborn child). [The Brunswick, Brighton]

OCTOBER 21ST:  ROSE (A man discovers that he loved his wife more then she loved him. The love from new born baby, Rose, was unknown. ) [The Marlboborugh, Brighton]

OCTOBER 22ND: HERZOG (A man freezes to death thinking his quest might stop his loved one's death. His death leaves matters hazy.) [The Marlboborugh, Brighton]